All Locations

The beauty of a Stretch Tent is that it can be erected almost anywhere. The traditional flat lawn marquee is long gone. Stretch tents can fit onto rooftops, attach to walls and trees, cover small patios, flower beds and water features.

We can work around trees and bushes and have a range of sizes meaning that no space is too small or awkward for our tents. They look refreshingly different whether in a City back garden or in the grounds of a country estate.

If you are in any doubt we will happily pop over and give you a free consultation

All Occasions

Stretch Tents come into their own whatever the occasion and combine elegance with contemporary design. They are a stand alone statement, not merely another marquee. Whether you are planning an urban chic party, a more bohemian, rustic event or a traditional, formal wedding, our Stretch Tents will suit perfectly.

Our Stretch tents have been used for music festivals, product launches, company parties, corporate events, weddings, garden parties, school events (such as summer balls and speech days) and sporting events…the list could go on and on.

All Seasons

Our Stretch Tents are made in South Africa by the only manufacturer to both weld and stitch the seams. As a result they are 100% waterproof. They will keep the rain and wind out and keep the warmth and party atmosphere in!

The sides can be left up in the summer and provide shade from the sun and can be pulled down during wet and windy conditions to create a fully closed environment