Most importantly your guests need to be warm! Even in the summer there can be a chill in the air.

We can partially or completely bring the sides of the Stretch Tent down. If that isn’t enough to ensure your party stays warm and cosy, we can supply the very latest free standing patio heaters in the ‘coolest’ design.

Equally we can attach infra-red heaters to the centre poles if you prefer.

But rest assured that, unlike most other marquee structures, our tents are double lined and retain the heat very well


Lighting is critical to the whole ambience of any event so we have researched and invested in the very best lighting.

We can light the inside of your tent with fairy lights to look like a star lit dome and we can string larger bulbs (festoon) around the outside to accentuate the shape of the structure and give your guests a warm welcome.

We also offer the latest in wireless LED up-lighters that can be programmed to any colour to match your theme.


Sometimes natural grass is all you need to compliment the organic feel of a Stretch Tent. However we do offer a choice of flooring which includes the very latest coir effect matting which looks gorgeous and heels do not get stuck in the holes!

If you prefer, we can lay carpet in any colour on top of wooden cassette flooring which gives a totally flat and solid surface to party on.

We are always happy to advise you on what we think will best suit your event.